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That painful tooth twinge is a sign that you should come visit us at Bow Island Dental

Tooth pain from a cavity should never be put off. 

That sharp twinge means a dental professional should examine it immediately, because, if left untreated, it will only grow, deteriorating the structure of your tooth, and eating down into the roots. The result is usually an infection requiring a root canal, or, if the decay is severe enough, even loss of bone-structure.

Get your cavity filled sooner than later at Bow Island Dental Centre

At the first sign of a cavity, i.e., sharp pain or a visible hole in the tooth, you should book in a filling.

Tooth fillings from Bow Island Dental Centre are a quick and affordable solution to those irritating cavities before they can get any worse. And, since we’re only a short drive away from Medicine Hat, the choice is a little easier if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city for part of the day!

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What you can expect during tooth fillings at Bow Island Dental Centre

At The Dentist
We work hard to get you out of pain and back in action – sans cavities!

Once we determine a day and time that works for your schedule, we get you settled, and work to fill that cavity quickly and efficiently.

During your filling procedure, we:

  • Prep your tooth: To start, we administer freezing to the area, so you can be as pain-free and comfortable as possible throughout the process.
  • Drill, clean and seal the tooth: Once your freezing sets, we get to work, drilling into the tooth, deep-cleaning any bacteria and decay, and then sealing it back up with a unique light-cured composite hardening compound.
  • Shape your tooth: To make sure your bite is correct, and that the filled-tooth fits comfortably inside your mouth, we gently shape it until it’s a perfect fit!

Enjoy pain-free, sparkling smiles at Bow Island Dental Centre

At Bow Island Dental Centre, it’s our mission to give every patient the very best in dental care, so that they can enjoy the healthiest, happiest smiles of their lives.

Part of that means routine checkups to ensure your teeth are healthy, part of it is taking proper care of those pearly whites – and sometimes, part of it is repairing problems when they arise.

Book a filling now at Bow Island Dental Centre, and enjoy more confident, pain-free smiles!

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