Are you missing a tooth? Fill the gap with implants from Bow Island Dental Centre

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Take back the joy of chewing your favourite foods!

Dental implants offer a great alternative to traditional dentures. Not only do they typically require fewer adjustments versus regular dentures over their lifetime, but they also boast longer durability on average. That means you can keep enjoying your favourite crunchy foods, without worrying about discomfort or your dentures slipping while chewing.

It’s time to take back your bite with help from Bow Island Dental Centre β€” just a quick drive away from Medicine Hat!

What are dental implants?

A two-part structure, dental implants feature a titanium base and a porcelain crown.

After we implant the base (metal post) into your jaw bone, it should fuse into the bone in a few months. This creates a firm foundation for us to place a crown β€” an artificial tooth cap. Your custom-shaped crown will be colour-matched to blend with your natural teeth, giving you a comfortable, firm bite, and a big, natural-looking smile!


  • Comfortable, stronger bite
  • Supported facial muscles (which can sag with missing teeth)
  • Clearer speech
  • Increased confidence because your beautiful smile is restored

This implant won’t decay and will even stimulate and preserve the structure of your jaw bone, which can sometimes deteriorate when you have gaps in your teeth.

Bow Island Dental Centre - Different shades of teeth
We perfectly match your dental implant to the colour of your natural teeth

Is this procedure the best choice for me?

Regardless of your age, you can get dental implants as long as your teeth are at their mature size and your general oral health is in good condition.

Though this procedure requires surgery (and as such may not be completely covered by dental insurance), it is a long-lasting solution for missing teeth, and so, is worth consideration.

If you’re looking for an alternative to dentures, or you’re on the fence about dental implants in general, contact us and we’d be happy to help. At Bow Island Dental Centre, we can help you determine the best procedure for you, to give you back a strong and beautiful smile.

Because you deserve the biggest smiles!

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