Full and Partial Dentures In Bow Island

If you’re missing multiple teeth or all of your teeth, a perfect option for you could be full or partial dentures! At Bow Island Dental Centre, we offer either types of dentures to help replace your missing tooth or teeth. Full dentures can replace your entire lower or upper teeth set, while partial dentures are better if you have lost only a few teeth, but not all of them. Both options are removable for cleansing purposes and comfort.

Benefits of Dentures

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If you don’t have any teeth, it not only affects your eating abilities and speech, it can affect your facial muscles which can end up sagging without your normal teeth support. With either partial or full dentures to fill in the gaps, you will:

  • Speak more clearly day-to-day
  • Eat with ease and comfort
  • Keep your facial muscles from sagging


If you are satisfied with your existing dentures but have problems with occasional slipping when you chew, your Coaldale Dental Centre dentist may recommend overdentures. Overdentures are removable dentures that can be fitted over your own remaining teeth or on dental implants, if there are no remaining teeth. This method of wearing dentures allows for a more secure fit and more comfort in chewing and more clarity in speech.

Are you missing your teeth or some of your teeth? Call today to see what we can do to help!

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