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Full and Partial Dentures In Bow Island

Not only do missing teeth have the potential to make you wince in shame each time you smile, but they also make chewing and speaking more difficult. Worst of all, if left untreated, those spaces can even cause your facial muscles to sag, since there are no teeth left to maintain your facial structure. That’s why it’s always better to get dentures sooner than later.

At Bow Island Dental Centre, we want every one of your smiles to feel — and look like — a million bucks! That’s why we offer both full and partial dentures that will instantly replace any missing tooth or teeth. And, since Bow Island is just a short drive away from the big-city prices of Medicine Hat, it’s worth it alone for the small-town savings you’ll get!

Benefits of Dentures

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Professional dentures designed to fit you – and your biggest smiles!

If you’re missing just a few teeth, partial dentures are a great option. However, if you’re looking to replace your entire upper or lower teeth sets, full dentures are your best solution. Both options can be removed, which allows for easy cleaning.

When you fill tooth gaps, you will:

  • Speak more clearly
  • Eat with more ease and comfort
  • Maintain strong and supported facial muscles
  • Increase your confidence, as you’ll have a full and brand new smile!
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Custom designs for you!

Have you considered overdentures?

If you’re satisfied with your existing dentures but are having problems with occasional slipping when you chew, your Bow Island dental professional may recommend overdentures. These removable dentures can be fitted over your remaining teeth (or on dental implants if you have no remaining teeth). Overdentures offer a more secure fit, along with increased comfort in chewing and more clarity in speech.

Are you missing your teeth or some of your teeth? Contact us today and we can figure out the best way to help!

Postoperative Instructions Following Immediate Denture Insertion

  1. DO NOT remove the dentures until your post – op visit following the surgery. This will prevent the extraction sites from swelling.
  2. DO NOT rinse today. Avoid extremely hot foods or liquids.
  3. You may remove denture in the morning and gently rinse mouth with warm salt water. Re-insert the denture immediately after cleaning.
  4. Some face swelling may occur during the first 2 days. For today, apply an ice pack to the outside of the face, ten minutes on, ten minutes off, as often as possible. Do not use ice after the first 24 hours.
  5. Slight oozing may be noticed around the surgical site, do not be alarmed. Do not try to stop the bleeding by rinsing. Apply pressure with gauze or a wet black tea bag for 30 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, call the office.
  6. You may have been given a prescription for pain medication, or possibly an antibiotic. Severe swelling, difficulty breathing, or the appearance of a rash indicates an allergic response to the medication. Discontinue use at once and immediately seek medical attention.
  7. Wear your denture at night until the 1 week post – op appointment, and then the denture can be taken out each evening and re – inserted in the morning.
  8. The denture should be cleaned twice daily with soap and water or denture tablets and left to soak in water at night. DO NOT use toothpaste as this may scratch the acrylic base.
  9. Please refrain from smoking during the post-operative period. Avoid alcoholic beverages during this time, especially if you take medication.
  10. Until you return for post-operative care, eat softer than normal foods. Do all chewing on the untreated side of your mouth if applicable. Avoid foods that are hard, sharp, spicy, or very hot.
  11. Please call the office if you have any questions.

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