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We create custom crowns to match your teeth’s natural shape, size and colour

Dental crowns offer the perfect solution to restore both the shape and function of severely damaged or misshapen teeth. Not only will this procedure protect fragile teeth, but crowns look and feel just like your natural teeth – so you can maintain your natural smile for years to come!

At Bow Island Dental Centre, it’s our mission to create a personalized dental care plan with specific treatments right for you, and at just over a half-hour drive away from Medicine Hat, you can experience the difference a friendly, small-town atmosphere makes!

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How dental crowns work

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Dental crowns offer a seamless fit onto your existing tooth

Typically, dental crowns are created in a three-step process:

  1. We clean away all infected or decayed tissue from the tooth, then take a mould to build a custom-fit crown
  2. We build your custom, colour-matched, natural-looking porcelain crown
  3. We affix, seal and firmly secure your crown in place

Your custom crown will not only protect your damaged tooth from further decay or infection, but it will seamlessly blend with the colour of your natural teeth, restoring your original smile and boosting your confidence!

Why you should get a dental crown sooner

Beyond lower self-esteem, leaving those misshapen or damaged teeth without a crown can lead to more trouble down the road. The major risk is further damage, such as cracking or splitting the tooth, which would allow bacteria in and result in a cavity or infected roots (which would require a filling or root canal). By choosing to get a crown sooner, you’re taking active steps to preserve your oral health, and keeping your smile big, bright and beautiful for years to come.

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Take back your smile with dental crowns from Bow Island Dental!

Dental Crowns in Cosmetic Dentistry

Leave behind your worries about damaged or even discoloured teeth with cosmetic dental crowns at Bow Island Dental. With just a simple procedure, we can perfectly match the height, width and colour of your neighbouring teeth, restoring your naturally confident smile – for good!

Our team is highly experienced with cosmetic procedures like this, and we can answer any questions you may have. With our personalized approach, we ensure every factor of your oral health is considered and we can help you decide if this procedure is right for you.

For more information about dental crowns, please reach out to Bow Island Dental Centre today!

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