Dental Hygiene Services in Bow Island and Medicine Hat

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Enjoy a cleaner, healthier smile in a friendly atmosphere at Bow Island Dental!

Unfortunately, tooth brushing and flossing only work so well. Despite your best cleaning efforts, plaque and tartar will still naturally accumulate along your teeth and gum line, and if not properly cleaned, can lead to serious dental issues like cavities, infected roots – which will require a root canal –  gingivitis and even periodontal disease.

However, by scheduling a routine teeth cleaning every six months, you can preserve your oral health. Not only will bacteria be eliminated, preventing serious dental problems down the road, but you’ll also enjoy a fresher, whiter smile, too!

Bow Island Dental Centre has served our beautiful southern Albertan community (including Medicine Hat!) for over forty years, and we’re honoured to be able to give you – and your loved ones – brighter, healthier smiles.

What to expect at your Bow Island Dental Centre teeth cleaning

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Once you’re comfortable, we get to work, carefully and thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums

After we determine your unique oral health needs, we’ll find a time that works for your schedule, then book you in for a hygiene appointment!

When you arrive, you can settle into the chair and relax as we:

  • Remove plaque and tartar: Like a good powerwash, we scale away plaque and tartar to reveal those pearly whites.
  • Polish teeth: After that build up is removed, we smooth the surface of the teeth and buff-out any stains (like coffee, tea, wine) for a glossy, gleaming smile.
  • Check gum-depth: To make sure your gums are healthy, we do a quick gum-depth check with a special noninvasive tool.
  • Apply Fluoride: With a quick fluoride application, your teeth are strengthened.
  • Floss between teeth: Lastly, to make sure your teeth and gums are squeaky clean, we floss in between each tooth. Voila!

How often should you book a teeth cleaning at Bow Island Dental Centre?

Too often, busy schedules can push dental hygiene appointments to the bottom of your to-do list. However, by getting your teeth professionally cleaned, you are preventing decay-causing bacteria from wreaking havoc with your oral health.

At Bow Island Dental Centre, we recommend booking your hygiene appointment for a teeth cleaning every six months.

Enjoy a healthier, whiter smile at Bow Island Dental Centre. Book a dental hygiene appointment today!

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