A Comfortable Dental Centre For Your Children 

Because children can be scared of visiting the dentist, at Bow Island Dental Centre, we work hard to make our office as child-friendly as possible. In a separate play area for your children, we equipped our waiting room with colouring books, a TV, and other fun activities. As parents, you can keep an eye on your little ones through the window while they wait for the dentist to call them in.

Conveniently Located Near Schools

Getting your kids to the dentist after school can feel like a chore. Our clinic is conveniently located near schools in the Bow Island area, allowing families to make it to their appointment without having to rush home first.

When Should My Child Go For Their First Dental Visit?

When you give an early start to dental care to your child, you show them that a visit to the dentist is a regular part of their health care.

The first dental visit your child experiences should be positive. It is recommended to visit a dentist before any problems develop, so that your child has an easier time adjusting to the routine. If you suspect an issue with your child’s dental health, take them to a dentist as soon as you can.

It is also important that your child is relaxed. In addition, if you are a nervous dental patient, we recommend that another family member take your child to their appointment because a child may become nervous if they sense that you are nervous too. Avoid negative-sounding phrases in order to reassure your child about the positive aspects of going to the dentist.

We also recommend an early start to dental care at home. Even before your child’s teeth come in, you can start cleaning their mouth with a soft damp cloth. When your child’s first tooth appears, continue cleaning with a soft toothbrush. If you can limit sugary treats and focus on providing healthy food choices to your child, it will be a great way to start their oral health care on the right foot.

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